Transport and logistics

A key transportation hub with the shortest route from Russia to Europe (distance from Smolensk to Berlin is 1470 km), Smolensk has a network of motorways and railways.

3872,3, mln tons
589,4, mln
Passenger turnover

Main transport arteries

15559 km
1156 km

Large railway stations

Railway network – 21,7 km per 1000 km2


Transport corridors


transport corridor East-West (the shortest route from Russia to Europe), which includes the federal highway М-1 “Belarus”, А-101 “Moscow-Bobruisk”, the railway and export gas transmission pipeline “Yamal – Europe”;
transport corridor North-South which runs along the European border of Russia: the federal highway А-141 “Oryol – Rudnya”, the Baltic Pipeline System (BPS-II) and other highways;
the toll highway Shanghai-Gamburg (the construction of which will be finished in 2019) will run through its territory.

How to get to Smolensk

By train

Lastochka express will take 4 hours to get to Smolensk. Trains depart from the Belorusskaya railway station in Moscow 3 times a day, the price of a ticket is about 1000 rubles. Lastochka express is the fastest way to get to Smolensk, other trains run for 6 hours. Every day 13 trains go from Moscow to Smolensk, the duration of a journey is 4,5-6,5 hours depending on a train. Passengers can also get to Smolensk from Saint-Petersburg, Minsk, Kaliningrad, Brest, Warsaw, Grodno, Vilnus, Gomel, Polotsk, Prague and etc.

By bus

Travelling by bus is another inexpensive way to get to Smolensk. Buses run from Tushinskaya bus station in Moscow, buses go to Smolensk 5 times a day, the duration of a bus journey is 6,5 hours. A ticket costs 700 rubles. Buses from Saint-Petersburg depart from Bukharestskaya metro station, the duration of a bus journey is 10 hours, the ticket price is 1300 rubles.

By car

Visitors can easily get to Smolensk by car following M1 «Belarus» highway, the distance from Smolensk to Moscow is 400 km, the journey lasts 4-6 hours (depending on traffic and speed). The travel from Saint-Petersburg to Smolensk takes 8 hours, as the distance between the cities is 750 km.


There is no direct flight. Smolensk has two airports – North and South, both of them are closed. Transfer can be organised for potential investors from any airport in Moscow or Minsk.