sunny days
per year
600 mm
-9 C 0
Day temperature
in January
+17 C0
Day temperature
in July
4 months
of snow
5 months
of planting,
growing and harvesting

The region lies in temperate latitudes which are considerably influenced by the masses of air from the Atlantic Ocean. This territory is a watershed of the three great rivers of the European part of Russia – the Volga, the Dnieper and the Western Dvina. These peculiarities of the geographical location affect the regional natural conditions: the moderate continental climate, prevalence of hilly landscape and minor rivers, widespread coniferous forests and brown soils. Summers are usually warm (the average temperature of July is +17 - +18°С), winters are moderately cold (the average temperature of January is -8.5°С).

The period with positive temperatures lasts 213-224 days, the average frost-free period is 125-148 days long. The annual amount of precipitation is 530-650 mm. Two-thirds of precipitation are rain, one-third is snow. The snow mantle is formed at the beginning of December, it melts in the first decade of April.