Flax cluster


The project on creation of an interregional cluster for the production of high quality products from flax, to include the capacity for growing, primary and deep processing of flax, aims to create a closed production cycle of flax with the production of finished products according to the principle "from field to counter", as well as to organize research and development.

Project initiator: Vyazma Flax Mill - one of the largest plants for the processing of flax in the Central Federal district.

The cluster:
— enhances the performance and increases the production growth rate of cluster members;
— promotes the use of flax in producing new industrial and textile products;
— introduces new ways of growing, collecting and processing flax;
— develops a relevant technological and industrial infrastructure of the cluster;
— upgrades a system of general and targeted training as well as provides advanced further education for scientific, engineering, technical and managerial personnel for cluster members;
— stimulates creation and growth of new companies, namely, cluster participants representing small and medium-sized businesses;
— provides advice on obtaining state support;
— represents companies on various regional and federal level events;
— establishes interaction between the participants and the authorities.