Company establishment

In accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a company shall be considered to be created as a legal entity upon its state registration according to the procedure established by federal laws.

Company registration

Forming the foundation documents
The list of the required documents for registration is stated by Article 12 of the Federal law № 129-FZ of 08.08.2001 «On registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs».

Filing the required documents to the registration office
The registration address of a legal entity is the address of the «the permanently functioning executive body», it can also be the address of rented property. The applicant can find the tax body details with the help of the internet service “Address and payment details of the tax body”

Preparing the set of the required documents for registering
You can file the required documents by the following ways::
- paper filing by hand in the registration office (personally or through your authorized representative);
- paper filing by post;
- e-filing via the Internet, including the use of a single portal of public and municipal services.

Taking of the required documents for registering
If examination of your documents has passed successfully, on the day appointed by registering authority you can take out the following documents:
- The Incorporation Certificate (full name is the Certificate on State Registration of the Legal Entity);
- The Tax Certificate (full name is the Certificate on registration in tax authority);
- One copy of foundation documents gives you back with the mark of registering authority;
- Extract from the Common State Register of the Legal Entities.

Preparing the set of the required documents for registering
To incorporate a company you must send the following documents to registration office:
- Application for registration of a company (form Р11001);
- Decision (protocol) on forming of company (in the prescribed manner);
- Foundation documents in duplicate (in case of paper filing by hand or by post), or in one copy (in case of e-filing)
- Documents on payment of a state duty;
- Extract from the business register of appropriate foreign country or other equal proof of the legal status of the foreign legal entity\the founder.